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Lucky gem stones Select gem stone according to horoscope

Gem stones help to get good results from planets.many hardles can be removed by using right gem stones at the right time. You should select gem stones according to the need of your Horoscope.


Gem stone rubi is use to get result from planet sun. You can wear rubi in ring finger on Sunday. On Sunday select time when there is pushy Nakshtra, krithika, uttarashada Nakshtra is falling.


If you want good results from  planet moon you should wear gem stone parl. Moon gives creativity and pice of mind. You can wear parl on Monday in ring finger. Time of rohini Nakshtra, hastha and shravana Nakshtra is good for wearing parl.

3-Coral –

If you have mars related issues in your Horoscope you should wear gem stone coral on Tuesday in mrigashira Nakshtra or chitra or dhanishtha Nakshatra.

4- emerald-

For getting good brain and success in life and for good health you can wear emerald if your Horoscope allows. This gem stone is connected with Planet Mercury and emerald will be wear on Wednesday in ashlesha Nakshtra or jyeshta or revathi Nakshtra.




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