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Mr Donald J Trump May take shocking Decision!

Prediction on Donald J Trump
Donald J Trump

Date of Birth- 14-06- 1946

Time- 10:54 AM

Place- Jamaica

Lucky Number-5

Destiny Number-4

Name Number- 4

United States of America – 5


Mr Donald J Trump going to take oath as President of United States of America on 20 January 2017 according to Numerology  its total is 4 (20+1+2017=4) which is the Destiny Number of Mr Trump. Total of Name Number of Donald J Trump is also 4. So we can see that Destiny Number and Name Number and oath taking date is matching. It is not a small thing According to Numerology There is a deep relationship between Destiny Number, Name Number and oath taking date of Mr Donald J Trump. According to numerology some number play important role in our life If we recognize that number and use them in right way, our life will change, dreams may fulfill. You can feel the Importance of Number 4 in life of Mr Donald J Trump .

Double effect of Rahu is seen in Mr Donald J Trump life as his Destiny Number is 4 and Name Number is also 4. Number 4 is connected with Rahu it will helps him in fast decision making.

Lucky Number of Mr Donald J Trump is 5 and according to Numerology if we add number of Country Name ‘United States of America’ its total is also 5. See how his Luck Number is connected with Country Number of United States of America. Planet Mercury is lord of number 5. Mercury gives good brain and childish nature. So this will affect his activity. Combination of Number 4 and number 5 show result in coming days these two planet effect his life deeply. Some events may surprise American Citizen and world. His working style may be different from traditional politicians.

According to astrology ascendant of Trump is Leo and Ascendant Lord sun is posted in 10th house which is Krama place and its Lord is planet Venus. So Sun is sitting in Venus House. Rahu is also sitting with Sun in 10th house. Sun is in Mrigashira Nakshatra and Rahu is also in Mrigashira Nakshatra. So in Karma place role of these planets Sun, Rahu and Venus is important. These three planets will affect his working style and he may take unusual decision but as Jupiter is seeing 10th house so he will try to do work for the welfare of US citizen. As his 10th lord is Venus and posted in 12th house he may always like to be in limelight.

According to astrological analyses Whatever he want to do he will do in his own style and his working style and decision may surprise US citizen and May shock the world.

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