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Are you in wrong Profesion How to select your dream job

How will you know that you are not in right profession.

1-if you don’tlike your work.

2- if you are seeing any growth in your work in last five years.

3-if your work is not maching with your goal.

4-if you are not earning enough money according to your capacity.

5-if you can not do your work continue up to five hours without any break.

6-if your health is effected by your work.

7-if you are not feeling proud about your work.

Many people want to achieve their dream but they are not doing right job. They like some other work but working in some other field. Due to money problems or any other issues.

It’s your life you have to decide that what you want to do in your life. Not wait start now and achieve your goal.

Hare krishna hare Rama

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