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Face is saying about your life Face is mirror of ups and down in life

God had blessed all people’s with different face. Face says many things about life. Success, failure, struggle etc. You can notice people face, natural glow in face. Round face, rectangular face. Square face. Fatty face. Small face. Big face. Long face. Face with showing bones. All these features of faces have some special things. Face is connected with destiny. Our future is how much good. How much money we can earn in life. How much success we get in life is explained by the face.

Round face with little fat is good for women. They get Success in Life. Their family life will be good. Children and husband will support you her.

Long face with big nose of Man shows many ups and down in life. Money will come and go.

Before doing marriage of boys and girls you can notice many things about them. Than you can decide about their mach .

Hare krishna hare Rama

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